Independent Voting Solutions

Create a secure, private voting environment

We have an extensive experience in creating a secure and efficient voting domain for your organisation

Multiple Voting Channels

Vero Voting allows you to run the vote on one or a combination of channels suited for your organisation

Online Voting

Online voting is the default way to vote. Simple, easy and mobile voting for your workforce.


Phone Voting

When internet is intermittent or in remote area's, phone voting is an option.


SMS Voting

The easiest and quickest way to vote. Secure phone voting via an SMS to the employee's personal mobile phone


Postal Voting

Mail based voting (available upon request)

We can help setup and run your vote with confidence.

Voting & Ballot Planning

With immense experience is running ballots, elections and votes, we can assist every step of the way.

Communication & Engagement

Communication and engagement of your voters is key to getting a successful result and we can assist you maximise your communication strategy leading into a vote.

Voting and Ballot Management

We provide expert advice and support during the voting period. Our Management system, including assist you with voter communications and real time voting progress.

Voting Result Delivery

Our voting results will stand up to any level of scrutiny. The final results will be available hours after the voting period has concluded.

Enterprise Agreements

Fair Work-compliant voting and ballot services. Our online voting solutions can help reduce costs and increase participation.
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Candidate Elections

Nomination and voting for any candidate election including Directors of the Board, Committee Members, Office Bearers and Employee Representatives.

Election Services

Election planning and management, through to nominations processing, vote harvesting, counting, auditing and delivery of the final result.

Other Voting

The software is fit for a range of services and we can easily customise it to suit your voting requirements.

Advantages of our Independent Voting Services

  • Is an independent voting solution, the company has no affiliation with any union or employer. This ensures all voting is impartial, secure and confidential.
  • Allows dispersed workforces an easy way to vote, working different shifts on different rotations often mean that traditional voting systems are not only slow, cumbersome and expensive but are simply not practical.
  • Will customise the vote to suit their individual voting environment. A combination of online, telephone or SMS voting can be utilised. Any mobile platform can be used to vote, simplifying EA voting.
  • Maximizes voter participation and minimizes staff disruption.
  • Can provide Staff education posters, voter education seminars, assistance with the creation of an accurate and up to date employee database (quoted upon request).
  • Can create an information portal for pending agreements to ensure staff are fully informed of the agreement and the agreement making process.
  • An online voting system that prevents multiple voting. When an individual has used their allocated PIN number they are unable to vote again, regardless of the voting platform they have utilized.
  • Provides a real-time voter anonymous voter dashboard that informs ballot participation at any time.

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