Protect your shareholders’ interests with the most secure voting platform

Our election services provide your organisation with an audited, independently determined, election outcome.

Our fully supported election services cover election planning and management, through to nominations processing, vote harvesting, counting, auditing and delivery of the final result for the determination of:

  • Board of Director elections
  • Election of Committee Members and Office Bearers
  • Staff Consultative Committees and Forums
  • Referendums and Plebiscites
  • Constitutional Review Referendums and Plebiscites
  • Association and Club Elections

Engaging or co-sourcing with Vero Voting provides your organisation with access to professional skills for the conduct and delivery of all aspects of your election process.
Vero Voting managed election services will reduce the risk to your organisation associated with conducting this important governance process. In addition, Vero Voting can help your organisation understand how your organisation’s members engage with the process and consult on improvements or modernisation of your process.

Vero Voting will ensure the entire election process is conducted in compliance with your organisation’s constitution, By-Laws or rules. We will stand as accountable for all elements of the election process that result from our systems and process management.

We provide voting and election services for many of Australia’s largest organisations. Our experience ranges from 10 voters to 2 million voters across all sectors.

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