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We guarantee that any protected action ballots are governed by the Fair Work Act 2009 and are overseen by the Fair Work Commission

What is a protected action ballot?

Protected action ballots are secret ballots that give employees the chance to vote on whether or not they want to initiate protected industrial action.

A ballot can happen when bargaining fails for an enterprise agreement or the existing agreement is out-of date. In a protected action ballot, employees must vote to take the industrial action. Employees can only vote in a protected action ballot if the proposed agreement covers them, the people who applied for the ballot are the bargaining representatives, and if they are part of the group of employees the Fair Work put in the order.

The application for PAB should describe a genuine attempt to find a solution and say if they need a ballot agent to organise it for them.

Vero Enterprise Agreement Voting
Vero Voting can be your ballot agent. We assist in conducting efficient protected industrial action with compliance to Fair Work Commision from start to finish.
Vero Enterprise Agreement Microsite Vero Enterprise Agreement Microsite

Benefits of using Vero Voting for protected action ballots, includes:

Fast turn around. We can have a result for you within a few weeks. The traditional method can take up to 3 months.
Easy access for voting through online or SMS with instant results
Secured application process done with compliance from start to finish
Provide in-depth understanding on Fair Work guidelines
All stat declaration and required documentation will be provided

Managing protected action ballots with a third-party voting solution

To manage a protected action ballot, the Fair Work Commission will first determine whether the ballot is necessary and appropriate. This may involve considering factors such as the type of workplace, the nature of the dispute, and the potential impact of the protected action on the parties involved.

Once the decision to hold a protected action ballot has been made, the Fair Work Commission will work with the parties involved to develop a plan for conducting the ballot. This may involve setting a date and time for the ballot, determining the eligibility of voters, and developing a ballot paper with the appropriate options and instructions.

The Fair Work Commission may also appoint an independent party, such as a registered organisation or a qualified person, to conduct the ballot and count the votes. This party will be responsible for ensuring that the ballot is conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations governing protected action ballots in Australia.

After the ballot has been conducted, the results will be reported to the Fair Work Commission, who will then make a determination based on the outcome of the vote. This determination may include ordering the parties to engage in protected action, such as a strike or a lockout, or it may involve other measures to resolve the dispute.

Vero Enterprise Agreement Voting Vero Enterprise Agreement Voting
Vero Enterprise Agreement Voting

5 Steps on Conducting a Protected Action Ballot with Vero Voting

Step 1 - Sign up with Vero

We will give you everything you need to submit the application to Fair Work.

Step 2 - Submit this to Fair Work

In our experience, this will only take within 2 days.

Step 3 - Distribute PAB Order

Fair Work will distribute the PAB Order to all parties including Vero Voting. We will use this to set up the voting portal with compliance to the guideline.

Step 4 - Open voting

We will open the voting based on PAB order, and ensure that only people that are allowed to vote are given access to the voting event.

Step 5 - Closing

Close voting as per the instruction in the order and submit the declaration of results to all relevant parties.

Why Vero Voting?

Vero Voting is a premier provider of cutting-edge voting solutions that have earned the trust and confidence of organisations throughout Australia. With over 20 years of experience delivering comprehensive voting and election services, Vero Voting has the expertise and knowledge to ensure the success of every voting process.

In addition to voting solutions, Vero Voting also leverages on providing comprehensive meeting solutions that provide organisations with a streamlined and efficient way to conduct meetings that require secure and compliant online voting. Our meeting services include pre and post-planning, such as agenda management, real-time vote tabulation, and fast declaration of results. The platform also provides an easy way to attend and participate virtually from anywhere in the world using any device with an internet connection.

As an independent third-party provider, Vero Voting is committed to delivering unbiased and impartial voting services that meet the specific requirements of stakeholders and regulators. The company's bespoke voting technology is designed with security as a top priority, incorporating end-to-end encryption and anonymity features that ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all data and application services, in compliance with Australian law.

Vero Voting offers end-to-end voting solutions that have a proven track record of success and customer satisfaction. As a result, clients can trust Vero Voting to provide exceptional service that is tailored to their unique needs and exceeds the highest standards of quality and reliability. With Vero Voting, organisations can be confident that their voting processes are in expert hands, and that they will receive the best possible outcomes.

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