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Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

Vero Voting has extensive experience in running online meetings seamlessly which go well beyond your Annual General Meetings. We also run SGMs, EGMs, Council Meetings, National Conferences, and other legislative requirements.

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Meeting Solutions

Hybrid AGM

Host meetings at one or more physical locations, with members able to attend from any location and vote online

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Virtual AGM

Conduct AGM completely online with our end-to-end service assistance and management system portal for any annual general meeting requirements

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Voting and Elections

Our platform has a secure voting system that could be used for any type of meeting including in-person meetings

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Proxy & Attendance Management

Our Integrated proxy system
simplifies and automates
the proxy and attendance management

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What Are

Virtual and Hybrid Meetings?

Virtual Meetings

All the attendees of an AGM can attend using an online platform that allows them to interact, ask questions, vote, and participate in real-time, as they would do at a physical meeting.

More companies are starting to move toward virtual shareholder meetings because it guarantees efficiency and voter participation since it is entirely conducted online.

Hybrid AGM

A crossover between virtual and physical meetings. This removes the need for everyone to be in one location and opens up the possibility of higher attendance and engagement. This convenience is popular for SMEs, non-profit organisations, and multinational startup companies.

Conducting hybrid meetings offers the advantages of actual interaction like traditional physical shareholder meetings.

Both the hybrid and virtual methods use Vero’s industry software to create a fully secure, traceable, and organised event.

Vero AGM Voting Vero AGM Voting

AGM Voting

Does your organisation only need a third-party voting platform? Vero Voting can assist all types of voting requirements for your next meeting. Our service can also facilitate elections and resolutions during your physical in-person meetings.

Our platform is flexible as it is secure and satisfies the most complex voting requirements such as voting or non-voting member rights, voter weighting, shareholding, and specific voting rights based on membership groups.

We provide your organisation with access to our management portal system to conduct all aspects of your election process. Our services provide your business with an audited, and independently determined election outcome.

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Proxy Management

Most organisations satisfy the proxy requirements by sending out the proxy ballot to their members and requesting the forms to be sent either via email or post. At times, this manual process is prone to errors, which leads to cost more time and effort.

Our system allows shareholders/members to assign a proxy if they cannot attend the meeting. All proxies submitted will be handled according to your particular constitution and corporate requirements. Making the entire proxy process seamless and painless for both members and management.

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Vero AGM Proxy Voting Vero AGM Proxy Voting

Our Platform

Vero AGM online meeting platform facilitates both virtual or hybrid meetings. It provides attendees with an option of instant voting anywhere during their conference meetings through the web application.

Our comprehensive voting technology can integrate into any popular video conferencing software such as Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams and more.

We can smoothly incorporate the voting process, making it possible for members to vote securely and get results instantly.

Run any general meetings with conference voting on one platform. Whether it's in-person or online, it can be done seamlessly and efficiently.


Customise your account with your company’s brand elements such as logos and colours.

Real-time Voting

As live votes are cast they are counted, added to any proxy votes, and the results are available to display instantly.


Vero is with you all the way. We can develop a solution that is customised to suit your unique requirements.

Proxy Voting

Manage your voting before the AGM to ensure that those who are not present on the day can have the opportunity to vote. This data is automatically rolled into the AGM votes the same day.

Video Stream and slides Integration

Virtual attendees can also view meeting slides, audio, and live video through the web interface.


Highly protected by SSL encryption and runs seamlessly in the cloud, and can be set up or mirrored in any location around the world to ensure secure fast access for your members.

Scalable for Any Size of Organisation

Any organisation can use the registration, certified voting and streamlined Q&A at meetings of any size, supporting localisation. In-app webcasts and mobile online voting allow for hybrid or virtual AGM, more meetings beyond the office environment.

Reports and Auditing

From registrations, revocations and voting, right through to the results. A range of reports with a full audit trail is produced automatically. A complete and transparent record of the meeting is provided.

Curated and Managed Q&A

Participants can submit questions in text form online and these questions can be moderated and published to the chairperson as well as the meeting attendees on demand.

Versatile Meeting Solution

Suitable for All Types of Meetings

Meetings are essential for the smooth functioning of any organisation, providing a forum to discuss important matters and make key decisions. Various types of meetings are regularly held by organisations, which may involve voting on resolutions or proposals related to the agenda items discussed. To ensure that such voting is conducted in compliance with the relevant regulations, our platform and service are designed to help you manage your meetings effectively. Please see below for a list of the different types of meetings.

Vero AGM Proxy Voting

Annual General Meetings (AGM's)

These are meetings held once a year by an organisation to conduct business and provide updates to members or shareholders. AGMs may require voting on resolutions or proposals related to the agenda items discussed.

Special General Meetings (SGMs)

These are meetings called by the board or members of an organisation to discuss specific issues or matters that require urgent attention or decision-making. SGMs may require voting on resolutions or proposals related to the agenda items discussed.

Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs)

Similar to SGMs, EGMs are meetings called by the board or members of an organisation to discuss and vote on specific urgent matters that cannot wait until the next scheduled AGM.

Board Meetings

Meetings of the board of directors or trustees of an organisation may require voting on proposals or resolutions related to the organisation's operations, finances, policies, or other matters of importance.

Committee Meetings

Meetings of committees or sub-committees within an organisation may require voting on proposals or resolutions related to their respective mandates or tasks.

Shareholder Meetings

Meetings of the shareholders of a corporation may be called for specific purposes, such as merger or acquisition proposals, changes to the company's charter or bylaws, or other significant decisions that require shareholder approval.

Members Meetings

Meetings of members of an association or organisation may require voting on matters related to the organisation's operations, finances, policies, or other matters of importance.

Creditor meetings

These are meetings held during insolvency proceedings to allow creditors to vote on proposals related to the repayment of debts or other matters related to the proceedings.

Why Vero Voting?

Vero Voting is a premier provider of cutting-edge voting solutions that have earned the trust and confidence of organisations throughout Australia. With over 20 years of experience delivering comprehensive voting and election services, Vero Voting has the expertise and knowledge to ensure the success of every voting process.

In addition to voting solutions, Vero Voting also leverages on providing comprehensive meeting solutions that provide organisations with a streamlined and efficient way to conduct meetings that require secure and compliant online voting. Our meeting services include pre and post-planning, such as agenda management, real-time vote tabulation, and fast declaration of results. The platform also provides an easy way to attend and participate virtually from anywhere in the world using any device with an internet connection.

As an independent third-party provider, Vero Voting is committed to delivering unbiased and impartial voting services that meet the specific requirements of stakeholders and regulators. The company's bespoke voting technology is designed with security as a top priority, incorporating end-to-end encryption and anonymity features that ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all data and application services, in compliance with Australian law.

Vero Voting offers end-to-end voting solutions that have a proven track record of success and customer satisfaction. As a result, clients can trust Vero Voting to provide exceptional service that is tailored to their unique needs and exceeds the highest standards of quality and reliability. With Vero Voting, organisations can be confident that their voting processes are in expert hands, and that they will receive the best possible outcomes.

What Our Clients Say
About Us

We love your platform and look forward to working with you again in the future.

SEM Academy

We are really happy with the service Vero Voting provided!

Equestrian NSW

I really appreciate your hard work and support in the lead up to and during our event.

Australian Railway Association

It was great! Thanks so much for your support getting us through our first virtual AGM


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