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Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

Our extensive experience in running online meetings go well beyond any organisation's Annual General Meetings. We also run SGMs, EGMs, Council Meetings, National Conferences, and other legislative meetings.

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What are Virtual and Hybrid Meetings?

Virtual Meetings is an online-only way of conducting your meeting online and allows all members or shareholders to attend virtually. All the attendees of an AGM can attend using an online platform that allows them to interact, ask questions, vote and participate real time, as they would do at a physical meeting.

More companies are starting to move toward virtual shareholder meetings because it promises efficiency, and high in attendance, since it is wholly conducted online, however it does depend on if your jurisdiction allows a purely virtual meeting or only allows for a hybrid meeting to take place.

Hybrid AGM is a crossover between virtual and physical meetings, where all members can decide to meet online anywhere they can. This removes the need for everyone to be in one location, and opens up the possibility of higher attendance and engagement. This convenience is popular for SMEs, not for profit, member organisations and multinational startup companies. Conducting hybrid meetings offers the advantages of actual interaction like traditionalphysical shareholder meetings.

Both the hybrid and virtual methods uses Vero's industry software to create a fully secure, traceable and organised event.

How Vero AGM Works

Vero AGM online meeting platform offers the best of both virtual or hybrid AGMs. It provides attendees with an option of instant online voting anywhere at their annual meetings through the mobile AGM web application.

The organiser can easily integrate proxy voting data with scalable online or mobile voting to provide instant polling results.

Vero AGMs software also provides integration into webcasting technology where they can share and video cast as the meeting takes place to its members. Conducting Vero AGMs eliminates the need for costly physical meetings and improves interaction to a wide range of people.

AGM Voting Online

To run AGM successfully and efficiently, Vero AGM also facilitates online voting solutions in real time with instant results.

With Vero Voting, participants will be able to vote on a poll in real time via mobile or anywhere online. We provide your organisation with access to professional skills for the conduct and delivery of all aspects of your election process. Our services provide your business with an audited, and independently determined election outcome.

We’ve been offering voting and election services for many of Australia’s largest organisations. Our experience ranges from 10 voters to 2 million voters across all sectors.


Your Vero AGM account can be customised to your brand elements such as logos and colours.

Real-time Voting

As live votes are cast they are counted, added to any proxy votes, and the results are available to display instantly.


Vero is with you all the way. We can develop a solution that is customised to suit your unique requirements.

Proxy Voting

Manage your voting before the AGM to ensure that those who are not present on the day can have the opportunity to vote. This data is automatically rolled into the AGM votes the same day.

Video Stream and slides Integration

Virtual attendees can also view meeting slides, audio, and live video through the web interface.


Highly secure, protected by SSL encryption and runs seamlessly in the cloud and can be setup or mirrored in any location around the world to ensure secure fast access for your members.

Scalable for Any Size of Organisation

Any organisation can use the registration, certified voting and streamlined Q&A at meetings of any size, supporting localisation. In-app webcasts and mobile online voting allow for hybrid or virtual AGM, more meetings beyond the office environment.

Reports and Auditing

From registrations, revocations and voting, right through to the results. A range of reports with a full-audit trail are produced automatically. A complete and transparent record of the meeting is provided.

Curated and Managed Q&A

Participants can submit Questions in text form through online and these questions can be moderated and published to the chairperson as well as the meeting attendees on demand.

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