Weighted Voting

Specifying weights for voters made easy

Specifying weights for voters made easy
We provide streamlined online voting solutions for organisations. Our technology offers a highly-secured management portal that allows you to administer the voting process and see results in real-time.

What is weighted voting?

Weighted voting is a corporate shareholders meeting, each shareholders’ vote count is proportional to the amount of shares they own. An individual with one share gets the equivalent of one vote, while someone with 100 shares gets the equivalent of 100 number of votes. In conclusion, each vote has a weight attached to it.

How it works

Conduct online weighted voting system with our secure and efficient voting platform


Provides Vero with their members' info with a column for weight voting


Prepares formal documentation for assistance with voting. Distribute unique logins for each member

Voting members

Lodge their vote securely with their selected voting channel


Produce the voting results in real-time with weighting automatically calculated while still protecting the voter's anonymity.

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