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Preferential Voting

Vero Voting can manage your Preferential Voting requirements using the IRV method.

Our preferential voting system allows you to run your election and online voting for a single candidate with any number of nominated candidates. We assist in working out the list of preferences ahead of the election. The list can be used as polls and votes can be monitored in real-time via an online management dashboard, which breaks down each round of preference until a winner is declared.

Vero Election Voting Vero Election Voting

Preferential Voting Process

Voters rank the candidates in order of preference voting. Placing a number one against a candidate is considered the first preference or primary vote. For example, if there are 3 candidates listed, the voter chooses 1 beside their first choice, 2 beside their second choice and 3 beside their third choice.

This process of elimination based on preferences continues until a candidate secures an absolute majority.

To be considered a valid ballot, the submitted ballot must satisfy the following conditions:

At least one candidate must be ranked for each position. In case abstention is allowed and the voter has abstained from voting for a position, the ballot may still count as valid for any other positions in the election.
No two candidates can have the same ranking, or the ballot is invalid (for that particular position only).
Any candidate can be given any ranking, as it is the relative ranking that is counted.

Different types of
preferential voting include

Full preferential

The voter must show a preference for all candidates listed for the ballot paper to be formal.

Partial preferential

The voter must show a minimum number of preferences for candidates – usually equal to the number to be elected.

Optional preferential

The voter need only indicate a preference for the candidate of his/her first choice and the allocation of any further preference is optional.

How Preferential Voting Results are calculated?

How Preferential Voting Results are calculated How Preferential Voting Results are calculated

* If no candidate receives a majority (greater than 50% of the total valid ballots), the candidate with the fewest number of votes is eliminated and the ballots for that candidate are redistributed to each ballot’s second preference.

Where can Preferential Voting be used?

Preferential voting can be used in any candidate voting scenario. But in most cases, first past the post or cumulative voting is utilised. In some organisations such as sporting clubs, schools, tertiary education institutions, universities and government, it is governed by a constitution that has chosen a particular method of voting for their ballots and elections. If the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) method of voting doesn’t quite apply to the election, Vero can customise the voting method to suit the organisation’s requirements.

Why Vero Voting?

Vero Voting is a premier provider of cutting-edge voting solutions that have earned the trust and confidence of organisations throughout Australia. With over 20 years of experience delivering comprehensive voting and election services, Vero Voting has the expertise and knowledge to ensure the success of every voting process.

In addition to voting solutions, Vero Voting also leverages on providing comprehensive meeting solutions that provide organisations with a streamlined and efficient way to conduct meetings that require secure and compliant online voting. Our meeting services include pre and post-planning, such as agenda management, real-time vote tabulation, and fast declaration of results. The platform also provides an easy way to attend and participate virtually from anywhere in the world using any device with an internet connection.

As an independent third-party provider, Vero Voting is committed to delivering unbiased and impartial voting services that meet the specific requirements of stakeholders and regulators. The company's bespoke voting technology is designed with security as a top priority, incorporating end-to-end encryption and anonymity features that ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all data and application services, in compliance with Australian law.

Vero Voting offers end-to-end voting solutions that have a proven track record of success and customer satisfaction. As a result, clients can trust Vero Voting to provide exceptional service that is tailored to their unique needs and exceeds the highest standards of quality and reliability. With Vero Voting, organisations can be confident that their voting processes are in expert hands, and that they will receive the best possible outcomes.

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