Create a secure and reliable way to vote

Automated phone voting ensures a familiar and reliable way to lodge the vote even without internet.

Phone voting is an effective method of voting for all ages and demographics that allows organizations to vote without the need of postal voting or availability of internet connection. The accessibility and ease of use enhances eligible voters to participate in a secure and reliable way to vote.

How It Works

It’s as simple as dialing a phone number and listening to voice prompts. The voter can cast their vote by using their telephones no matter where they are in Australia. This voting service instant confirmation and immediate lodgement allows rapid voting declaration once voting has concluded.

Step 1: Distribute the unique voting user ID and PIN

Voters will receive a unique user ID or PIN via email or SMS.

Step 2: Call the Number

Voters will be given one Vero Voting toll-free number in their instructions to call for the telephone voting system. Voters can lodge their vote by calling from a mobile, landline, or through the internet using a VOIP service.

Step 3: Follow the Prompts

After calling the number, voters will be asked to use their phone’s number pad to authenticate their details by entering their unique username and PIN that has been provided.

Voters will then be asked the voting question, for example “Do you vote in favour of the Enterprise Agreement?”. The automated message will then prompt them with the valid responses they can enter via the keypad (i.e. “1 for Yes, 2 for No”).

We can customise the telephone voting script for your ballot. Voters will hear the ballot question and available responses before being asked to select their preference.

Built-in rules prevent invalid votes from being submitted, and because of the authenticated environment, no one can vote twice.

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