SMS Voting

Vote in the easiest and quickest way possible

The secure personal mobile phone SMS ensures a quick and easy voting setup.

Vero can help you run your vote through your employee’s mobile phones using SMS. The vote can be lodged anywhere they have mobile reception, at any time during the poll.

How It Works

To lodge an SMS vote, the voter sends a text message in the specified format to the dedicated mobile number from Vero.

This cost effective, automated process saves your voter a lot of time and is convenient for your employees and the organisation.

Step 1: Create a Text Message

To start voting thru SMS, simply compose a new text message on your mobile phone and enter the following:

  • A generated 11-digit PIN, followed by a space
  • A verification detail*, followed by a space
  • Their preference (e.g. Yes or No)

*A verification detail could be a payroll ID, member number or similar.

Step 2: Voting Receipt

The voter sends their text message to Vero’s dedicated mobile number. The voting preference will be recorded if the text message details and format are correct. Once the vote has been lodged, a receipt number is sent back to the voter’s mobile by SMS.

This all takes less than a minute. The voter can use the receipt number to check that their vote was successfully lodged, which is a benefit that you don’t get with anonymous in person or postal voting.

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