Online Voting Technology for Meeting Managers

October 19, 2022

Online Voting Technology for Meeting Managers

Hybrid meetings provide flexibility, allowing people to participate wherever they are. As long as the arrangements are made to meet certain constitutional governance requirements, such as quorum and attendance management as well as options for proxy voting, the results of hybrid meetings are deemed as valid and acceptable as their fully in-person counterparts.

With the use of online voting technology designed for flexibility and ease of access, meeting managers can set up hybrid meetings that cater to the varying needs of the participants. Thus, there can be a marked increase in engagement and voter turnout, leading to better results.

Moreover, online voting provides a simpler solution to the balloting process, which is a huge help to underserved communities, such as those with disabilities. Online voting technology brings a more mobile and accessible approach that can significantly improve the voting experience for voters with disabilities.

Easier registration

Through online voting, issues such as delayed registration are avoided. Mobile-based voting platforms remove the challenge of going to a physical location. Choosing a voting system provider is a better choice than the manual process. It eases managing the complex voting process and gives a pleasant experience for both voters and administrators. Through the use of technology, casting votes are now made easier, cost effective, and ensure high rates of voter turnout.

Private and safe voting experience

Online voting is a huge leap to solving issues for the personal privacy and equal treatment of all voters. Voters can handle the process remotely, without opening themselves up to public scrutiny. They also won’t have to face disenfranchisement from systems that are not equipped to provide them with the support they need. Indeed, though there are strides made for organisations to be more educated and prepared when it comes to conducting nominations and elections. For instance, a personnel may not have had the proper training to operate accessible voting equipment or perhaps the polling site.

With the possibility of this type of problems arising every time they vote, it is no wonder that members choose to not vote at all. Fortunately, online voting solutions provide them with a platform that addresses these concerns. From lack of accessible registration centres, to circumventing stairs, ramps and such physical barriers, and even to the lack of access to informative campaign materials and voter information, online voting technology continuously evolves to make the voting process as easy, secure and convenient as possible.

Checklist for a Third-Party Online Voting Platform

If you’re a meeting manager who wants a seamless election for everyone in your organisation, choosing the best online voting platform for the job is important. Your online voting solution should visibly streamline the process, provide strong security for your data privacy and support smooth end-to-end communication.

Start-to-end management

Your online voting platform should be able to handle the entire voting process, from start to end. This includes meeting planning and management, the nominations process, the casting of ballots and tabulation of results.

Real-time results

You should be able to get the real-time results, meet requirements such as managing the attendance and proxy votes, handling different vote setups such as those weighted and other specific voting rights, and tabulating and delivering the final results.

Dedicated returning officer

A dedicated returning officer helps in setting up and managing the entire process, integrating into your systems as needed and readying your election details for testing.

Prompt assistance

To cover all bases especially in case of emergency, support and assistance should be available at any level of the voting process.

Fully customisable

To ensure that your voting process is accessible to everyone, your online voting platform must be designed to support advanced features. It should be able to support every kind of voter, offering solutions and considerations for issues faced in traditional voting methods.

Preparing for online voting

For an online election, there are additional considerations to your general logistics. Firstly, ensure that your voters are informed well beforehand on how to access the online voting platform. Provide them with the necessary login details and other related information, and whether there are other avenues through which they can cast their ballot, such as through SMS. Several days before the election, check again whether your voters know how to log, when to log and which credentials to use so that there will be no confusion or mistakes.

Your online voting provider should provide you with clear instructions about the voting platform. You may also ask for a walkthrough with the voters to better inform them on how to use the voting solution, and to raise any concern they may have beforehand. Clear communication of your specific needs is necessary to create a truly seamless and easy voting experience.

Conduct a clean and seamless online election with Vero Voting

Vero Voting is your one-stop solution for managing all aspects of your elections. Offering a  clean, seamless and straightforward interface, Vero Voting meets the highest security standards and is compliant with the Data Protection Principles in the General Data Protection Regulation. With Vero Voting, you can rest easy that the results will be unbiased and that your data is guarded, backed up in the cloud and protected.

Our custom voting systems are designed with integratable features to meet your specific election needs. From a branded voter portal to multi-channel voting methods, we ensure a safe, smooth and fully managed election to suit your organisation’s setup.

Get seamless and secure online voting technology with Vero Voting. Send us an email to get started.

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