Frequently Asked Questions

  • How quickly can I have a ballot launched?

    Vero Voting can launch a ballot in 24 hours if required.

  • How many voters can I have in a ballot?

    There is virtually no limit to the number of voters who can participate in a ballot.

  • What if some voters do not have an email address?

    We can post out how-to-vote instructions to voters without an email address.

  • Can I vote from my phone?

    Yes, the voting portal works with modern smartphones.

  • Can we use alternative methods to notify voters?

    Yes, we can send out SMS messages to voters if their phone number is supplied via the voters roll.

  • Can I add voters after that ballot has started?

    Yes, a voter can be easily inserted into the ballot at anytime.

  • What if a voter has a problem during the voting period?

    Vero Voting provide telephone and email support for the duration of the ballot.

  • How long does it take to have a result for a ballot?

    A declared result is issued in most cases withing 15 to 30 minutes from the vote closing, however some votes (i.e postal) may take longer to count and audit.

  • How are valid voters identified?

    Eligible voters are restricted to those names supplied to Vero Voting.

  • Can voters be sent reminders?

    Yes, reminder messages can be sent during the ballot period.

  • What determines the position of the candidates on the ballot?

    Candidates can, upon instructions from the client, be fixed, random or a variation of the randomised process.

  • How is the ballot prepared?

    The details of the ballot are communicated to Vero Voting and a ballot plan prepared. The plan is then sent back to the client for approval.

  • What happens if a voter's email does not work?

    Email failures are identified and returned to the client for correction. Corrected emails are injected into the ballot and notifications are automatically sent to the new address.

  • How secure is voting online?

    Voting on-line uses the same secure and trusted processes used by the banking and ecommerce industry.

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