Enterprise Agreement Voting

Establish a fair and transparent voting experience

Vero Voting specialises in the provision of Fair Work-compliant, independent EA voting processes for all types of workforce environments.

Workforce Voting

Vero Voting is a leader in the provision of workforce voting services for Enterprise Agreements (EA). Our processes support and engage all key stakeholders including the Fairwork Commission and Unions minimising the risk surrounding workforce voting.

Our workforce voting services are used for the delivery of compliant Enterprise Agreement voting, Health & Safety Representative Elections, Protected Action Ballots and many other voting requirements where secret ballots are required.

We can help to run a fair and transparent vote that meets Fair Work or State Industrial Relations Commission requirements for any electorate size or industry.

We conduct votes in all workforce sectors including:

  • Retail sector
  • Banking and financial
  • State & Federal Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining & construction
  • Transport & distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Airlines
  • Energy and Utilities

Specialising in all types of Enterprise Agreement Voting


  • Secret Ballot
  • Protect voter rights and privacy.
  • Electronic Voting Options
  • Convenient and compliant voting channels.
  • Cost Effective
  • Minimise postage material and counting costs.
  • Experienced Local Provider
  • Solutions for any number of voters.
  • Voting information portal
  • Multiple Languages

Secure micro-site provides your employees with all Enterprise Agreement information they require before they vote, assisting you in meeting your statutory obligations.

  • 24-Hour Voter Support Line
  • Post-Agreement Vote Survey
  • Compliance

Enterprise Agreement Voting (Certified / Collective Agreement)

Vero specialises in the provision of FairWork compliant, independent Enterprise Agreement voting processes for all types of workforce and workplace environments.

Vero voting services offer an independent process that includes engagement services for supporting authorised scrutineers, company and union representatives. You can check the process here.

Vero fully supports voting services cover ballot planning, management and support, through to vote harvesting, counting, auditing and delivery of a legally binding final audited result.

All outcomes from our industrial relation voting processes are conducted in full compliance with Fair Work Australia’s Fair Work Act 2009.

Protected Action Ballots

Fast and effective workforce voting for the determination of protected action ballots. Fast turn around and fully compliant with Fair Work Australia’s Fair Work Act 2009.
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How Vero Works

Vero specialises in the planning, management, development and delivery of secure, independent ballots, votes, surveys and elections.
Our voting services can save you time and resources, and ensure your vote is conducted to meet any governance requirement.

Watch this video to learn more about our online voting solutions.

Our Process

Online, SMS, Telephone and Postal Voting Made Simple


Provides Vero Voting with an employee list & contact details

Vero Voting

Prepares formal documents, voting environment, how to voting information for assistance with voting

Vero Voting

Creates the secure unique logins for each voter & distributes them to employees


Lodge their vote security with Vero Voting

Vero Voting

Prepares a declaration of Result & distributes to the employer or designated representatives.

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