How does real-time voting help online meeting events?

November 25, 2022


For a more flexible setup, many businesses are now going for hybrid meetings, and it is a trend that goes ever more popular. As such, the demand for new and improved tools to get the work done grows higher as well. This includes adopting online voting technology that can help in making meeting events feel more like the traditional meetings of the past, with higher engagement and better collaborative components.

Setting up an online meeting event that won’t feel dull and monotonous to the members is a challenge that meeting managers must address. Fortunately, through interactive online voting tools, members can have an easier time engaging and interacting with each other, therefore improving the feedback cycle that will help make the business better.

Immediate feedback

The biggest draw of real-time voting is that it gives immediate feedback, especially on big issues discussed during the meeting. Real-time voting can be set up to get the meeting moving, whether it’s for ice-breaker questions or quickly getting the member’s insights on topics that have come up.

Easy-to-create polls

With online voting, it is easy to set up polls with questions phrased to encourage better responses from the participants. Clear and concise phrasing, while keeping in mind to use non-offensive language, makes participants feel more at ease with answering the questions and casting their vote. It is even more important when discussing sensitive topics that might otherwise discourage them from expressing their opinions. A properly set-up poll thus helps in increasing the participation rates and yields higher-quality and more accurate results.

Simple practice runs before the real voting

Since online voting polls are easier to set up than traditional voting, and also allows for more adaptability to meet the organisation’s needs. This way, participating members can also see for themselves if the online voting platform meets their expectations. They can determine whether the platform is easy enough to launch and use and whether the results can be viewed in actual real time and don’t lag. This ensures that during the actual voting, everything will run smoothly, and issues such as incompatibility with the software or disparate results can be avoided.

Optimising voter experience

Organising hybrid meetings with real-time voting eases a lot of the logistics typically involved in traditional face-to-face meetings. Scheduling meetings also becomes simpler, as even though members are busy with other tasks, they can still participate virtually. There is no need to spend time or gas going to the meeting venue, nor will the organiser need to consider the parking space for the attendees. As long as the members have an internet connection, whether via mobile, tablet or computer, they will be able to participate in the meeting and cast their vote wherever they are.

Cost-saving and time-saving

Aside from cutting back the time spent for organising a full-blown face-to-face event, online meetings also reduce costs incurred. The budget for expenses such as catering, event venue booking and travel can be allocated to other projects. There is no need to prepare physical ballots nor assign people to keep watch or count them, because the online voting platform will do it automatically and in a much more secure manner. As such, meeting managers are free to focus on more important tasks.

3 tips on choosing the right online voting platform

By choosing the right online meeting platform, organisations can provide members with a smooth digital experience for their meetings, conferences and presentations. Platforms that offer real-time voting features allow members to express their choices as the meeting is ongoing, making them more involved in the decision-making process.

1. Gives real-time updates

With real-time voting, the results can be viewed during the meeting itself. The management can see if their choices are aligned with the majority, and they can see which choices are more popular amongst their colleagues. Seeing the poll results throughout the meeting can generate a livelier discussion, getting members to participate more as you show them you are listening to their opinions.

2. Improves flexibility with customisable features

Online voting solutions can be tailor-made to suit an organisation’s specific requirements. Whether you need to hold simple polls with a couple of choices to more systematised elections for high-level executives and board of directors, you can add and tweak the features that will help your meeting event run more successfully and smoothly.

3. Provides accessibility

With the changes the pandemic has brought the past couple of years, meeting solutions must evolve to be able to keep up. Accessibility has become an ever more important factor to consider; as more and more business processes rely on digital information, so must their members be given the proper tools to access that information, no matter where they are.

Online voting platforms help address this by providing a way for members to cast their votes regardless of their location. This in turn increases their engagement, especially if there are features for supporting multiple voting methods across various devices. They won’t have to miss out on exercising their rights when there is a one-click solution available.

Get the ideal voting solutions for your hybrid meetings. Choose Vero Voting.

The Vero Voting platform ensures the safety and security of your election process. All votes are kept anonymous, and we perform tests to ensure that only accredited and genuine members are allowed to cast their votes.

We are fully compliant with the highest security standards and the Data Protection Principles in the General Data Protection Regulation. The privacy and safety of your data are protected while you enjoy an easy-to-follow one-click process for casting your vote.

The versatility Vero Voting provides helps facilitate more engaging meeting events for your members. Designed with customisable features so that we can build your needed solutions, we ensure a safe, smooth and fully managed election to suit your organisation’s setup.

To learn more about elegant and efficient online voting solutions, email us at or contact us here.

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