How to Conduct Secret Ballot Online and Why it Works for Organisations

February 13, 2023


With the increasing use of technology for various business functions, many organisations are looking for ways to conduct elections, such as secret ballot voting, online. In this blog, we listed down valuable information for organisations that are considering moving to an online secret ballot election process.

The secret ballot is a cornerstone of modern democracy. It is a system of voting where members are able to cast their vote in private, free from fear of retaliation or influence. This form of voting has become increasingly popular due to its convenience and accessibility.

In Australia, electronic voting is considered by many to be necessary within organisations, including trade unions, professional associations, and company shareholder meetings. The use of a secret ballot is usually required in situations where a vote is taken to elect a leader or make a decision that will have a significant impact on the organisation.

What are the types of organisations that conduct secret ballot voting?

  1. Labor Unions: Secret ballot voting is often used to elect union officials and to vote on important decisions, such as strikes and bargaining agreements.
  2. Political Parties: They can use secret ballot voting to elect leaders and make other important decisions.
  3. Employee Representative Bodies: Some organisations may have employee representative bodies, such as works councils or staff associations, that use secret ballot voting to make decisions or elect leaders.
  4. Community Organisations: It includes such as homeowner associations and groups, may use secret ballot voting to make decisions that impact the community.
  5. Non-Profit Organisations: They use secret ballot voting to elect board members and make other important decisions.
  6. Religious Organisations: Churches may use secret ballot voting to elect leaders and make decisions that impact the congregation.

The requirement for a secret ballot in these situations is based on the principle of democracy and the right of every individual to cast their vote without fear of retaliation or influence. The secret ballot ensures that each person’s vote is protected, allowing them to express their opinions freely and objectively.

In addition, secret ballots can also be used in workplace disputes, such as union strikes, to ensure that the decision to participate in industrial action is made by the workers themselves, free from the influence of union officials or management.

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How does it work for the management?

The voting process itself is simple. members log in to the platform, select their preferred candidate or option, and cast their vote. The vote is then encrypted and securely transmitted to the voting platform, where it is stored. At the end of the voting period, the encrypted votes are counted and the results are tabulated in real-time. The results are then announced, and the winner is declared. The use of a secret ballot can have pros and cons for management, here are the comparison:

Positive effects:

  • Increased accuracy and efficiency
    Online voting eliminates the risk of errors in counting paper ballots and provides real-time results.
  • Reduced costs
    Doing it online eliminates the need for printing, transportation, and counting paper ballots, saving the organisation time and money.
  • Increased voter anonymity
    Electronic voting provides greater anonymity for members, as the system can be designed to prevent anyone from identifying a specific vote.

Negative effects:

  • Technical difficulties
    It may lead to some issues such as internet disruptions, software failures, and hacking attempts can disrupt the voting process.
  • Resistance to change
    Some members may be resistant to change and may prefer the traditional paper-based voting methods.
  • Security concerns
    members may be concerned about the security of online voting and may question the accuracy and integrity of the results.

It’s important for management to make an informed decision and carefully choose a third-party provider before deciding to use this method for their elections or voting processes.

How to conduct a secret ballot online?

In order to conduct a secret ballot online, having a secure voting platform must be established. This platform must ensure that members are able to cast their vote in complete privacy, and that their vote cannot be linked to their identity. To achieve this, the platform must employ several security measures, such as encryption, digital signatures, and firewalls.

Once the platform is established, members must first register to participate in the election. During this process, the voter’s identity must be verified, and a unique identifier must be assigned to the voter to ensure that they can only cast one vote.

Vero Voting is an online platform that provides secure and transparent secret ballot voting. We can customise voting solutions according to your organisation’s needs. Our platform is user-friendly and can be accessed from any device with internet access, making it a convenient choice.

Why is it better to conduct secret ballot voting online?

Conducting secret ballot voting online offers numerous benefits compared to traditional paper-based methods, including increased voter turnout, enhanced security, cost savings, convenience, and real-time results.

Here are the 5 main advantages of implementing it online:

  1. Increased Voter Turnout
    Makes it easier for members to participate, as they can cast their ballots from any location with an internet connection. This can lead to increased voter turnout and a more representative election result.
  2. Enhanced Security
    Online secret ballot voting systems use encrypted communication and secure servers to protect the confidentiality of members’ choices. This can help to prevent fraud and ensure that election results are accurate.
  3. Cost Savings
    It eliminates the need for paper ballots, polling places, and other physical resources, which can result in significant cost savings for organisations also for members who are overseas.
  4. Convenience
    Members can cast their ballots from the comfort of their own homes, while election organisers can manage the election from a single location. From anywhere, at any time, making it more accessible for members.
  5. Real-time Results
    Using online voting systems can provide real-time results, which can help organisations make informed decisions more quickly and accurately.

By implementing an online secret ballot voting system, your organisation can ensure a fair and democratic election process while also streamlining the election process and saving resources.

Experience the benefits of secure, transparent, and convenient online voting. Contact us and we will guide you through it.

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