Vero Pulse

More businesses are starting to adapt pulse surveys to measure employee engagement and satisfaction. Having this tool is a helpful way to determine company progress, manage potential risks in a timely manner, understand employee experience, and deliver initial action.

With Vero Pulse, you can create surveys from scratch with editable templates. Conduct risk assessment anytime to get instant pulse feedback via a real-time dashboard. This allows the management to take initial action upon receiving the results to reduce hazards and risks.


Capture more data in detail with our user-friendly dashboard. Access real-time responses with your dedicated account.


Create surveys with easy to edit functions. Simply upload your recipient list and send it via SMS, email or anywhere online.

Detailed Surveys

Get timely results
instantly and provide
organised information.


Assess collected insights from pulse survey results.
Get actionable data in detail for a fast turnaround.

Are you thinking of using employee pulse surveys for your company?


How it works

Vero Voting How it works

1Upload list of recipients

2Create your pulse survey questions and message

Vero Voting How it works 2
Vero Voting How it works 3

3Send the survey via SMS, email or anywhere online

4Monitor response and get real-time results with customisable dashboard

Vero Voting Mobile HowiItworks

5Summarise collected data. Assess and take action.

Vero Voting How it works 4

Case Studies

Vero Voting Case Studies

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Survey

We are currently working with organisations that have transient and remote employees. With their ever-changing work environment, specific workers who frequently travel and operate even during vacations need to be monitored for preventive measures. In this COVID-19 crisis, it is imperative to let the employees feel secure and supported. To ensure that your workforce is healthy, safe, and guided with the right information, soliciting feedback from your team helps you understand what they are feeling at any given point of time. The survey can also be adjusted as the situation unfolds and conditions change. Given the flexibility of having a pulse survey, you can send it anytime, anywhere. You can also create different sets of messages for different segments. This way, you can identify risks quickly and provide direction for management on where to shift their focus.

Information Portal – Emergency Information

Making an action plan and distributing real-time emergency information across multiple projects and joint venture partners can be daunting. Since Vero is an online portal, you can upload and store documents, videos, announcements, and other business files on cloud. This feature will help you easily conduct employee engagement surveys anytime. For data privacy, we use the same secure and trusted processes used by banks and eCommerce industries.

Vero Voting Case Studies 3
Vero Voting How Case Studies 4

Enterprise Agreement – Communication Plan and Pre-Vote surveys

Negotiating an Enterprise agreement is extremely difficult at the best of times, particularly with a remote workforce. Communicating and understanding what your workforce wants as part of your agreement is important to help reduce the time needed to negotiate and get to a vote approval quicker. Conducted anonymous surveys, send out information and communication at any time via Pulse. This has been used by companies globally to help them speed up the process of Bargaining while developing their Agreements.