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How to Conduct Online AGM Voting in 2021

April 21, 2021


Holding AGMs virtually has proved to be the most popular option this year. By using the right online meeting software and service team, a professional and less stressful AGM experience can be realised.

One fundamental aspect that is common to all AGMs is voting. Be it the adoption of the meeting minutes from the previous meeting or the election of directors. You need an online voting service provider that is reliable, accountable, and satisfies any complex voting requirements such as voter weighting, voting rules, and other constitutional requirements.

Vero Voting provides an end-to-end service for virtual or hybrid meetings. A core feature includes real-time online voting. Our software has a management portal that allows you to manage voting requirements as well as control presentation slides, live reporting, manage Q&A and get instant voting results.

Our team is also available to assist you every step of the way. Our service can also facilitate elections and voting on resolutions during your face-to-face meetings. In addition, voting members can easily appoint a proxy within the system.

General Meeting Voting Methods
Below are some types of voting that may be required at your next online general meetings.

1. Dealing with Motions

A motion is a proposal presented to a meeting for discussion and decision. When a motion passes, it becomes a resolution. Resolutions are binding and should be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

An association’s rules specify how motions should be handled. It is advisable to put motions on the agenda so that members have sufficient time to consider them before the meeting.

The following are the procedures for proposing and passing a motion:

  • A member presents a clear and concise proposal for a decision or action to the meeting through the chairperson. This is called a motion.
  • A person agrees to “second” the motion so that it can be brought to the assembly for consideration. A motion that is not seconded lapses.
  • Members have the opportunity to discuss and speak for or against the motion.
  • The motion is read aloud and a vote is taken.
  • If the motion passes, it becomes a resolution. A resolution passed by a simple majority vote (more than half of the members voting) is called an ordinary resolution.
  • The resolution is formally documented in the minutes along with the name of the mover and seconder.

To find out how to submit motions, visit

Vero Voting has a dedicated returning officer who will help you set up the entire voting process and prepare your details for testing.


The ordinary business of the organisation shall be passed by an ordinary resolution if the votes cast in favour of the resolution. Resolutions may be withdrawn or rescinded at the same meeting using the same procedure as for moving and passing a resolution.Our system can be customised to meet the needs of your business. Changes can be made to resolutions if requested, such as specifics on candidate voting peculiarities via management voting platform. There is also an option to allow the management team to pass an additional resolution during the AGM.

3. Elections

Preparing for an AGM can sometimes be tedious, especially when elections are on the agenda. By working with the right online elections provider, the election process can run smoothly and efficiently.The most important requirement you should look out for is to find a trusted ballot service platform that is independent, secure, has proven experience in conducting elections, and delivers instant results with transparency.

4. Proxy Voting and Management

If voting by proxy is permitted, a written proxy form must be completed granting the proxy the authority to vote either discretionarily or only in a certain way.

Proxy forms are usually mailed out with the notice and agenda materials and returned to the association well in advance of the start of the meeting. Sometimes it takes a while to be submitted.

Our system allows shareholders/members to assign a proxy if they are unable to attend the meeting. All proxies submitted are handled according to your specific bylaws and company requirements. This makes the entire proxy process seamless and painless for both members and management.

Streamline the AGM Voting Procedure

Switching to online voting technology for AGMs shouldn’t be complicated. Find out how we can help you manage your workload with our voting system and service:

  • Dedicated support team to guide and assist you through the entire process.
  • Proxy form integration
  • Proven technology to ensure error-free voting
  • Prevents duplicate votes and tampering
  • Everything is logged and verifiable
  • Real-time results

Take the risk out of your votes. Contact us and we will help you manage your next virtual or hybrid meeting successfully.

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