Enterprise Agreement Vote Online use an independent provider

Why use an independent provider to run your enterprise agreement vote online?

January 14, 2020


When conducting an enterprise agreement vote, what are the most important decisions on whether to outsource your voting process to a third-party provider or to do it in-house.

Independent – the voting provider is a separate party to your organisation. It is not involved in the negotiations and therefore can deliver a fair, impartial and independent voting process for your workforce.

Neutrality – It is not concerned if the vote is a yes or a no or even what the terms of the agreement are. The Online Enterprise Agreement voting provider is only interested in running the vote as seamlessly as possible.

Technology – The technology that voting providers use is proprietary, rigorously tested and has run hundreds of votes. It is specifically designed to handle your workforce and your enterprise agreement. Running the vote your self through un-proven or semi-manual methods (like email) are fraught with danger. The online voting provider technology is proven and also can offer easily multiple methods of voting, i.e. Online, SMS and Phone.

Compliance – The voting provider should be fully compliant with privacy, security and fair work enterprise agreement voting. You can be assured that once a vote has been completed that the declaration of results will be ready to submit to Fair Work Commission.

Experience – Voting providers have run hundreds if not thousands of votes. From small (3 people, up to tens of thousands). The processes, problems, the logistics of running the vote will give you a smooth voting process.

Accessibility – Your workforce may be distributed, on leave, located at multiple locations or sites locally or around the world. The voting provider can ensure that everyone gets easily get the opportunity to vote via a variety of voting channels (Online, SMS, or Phone).

Costs – It may appear cheaper to run it in house, but the cost and resources needed to run it manually can easily far outweigh the cost of hiring an external provider, particularly if it gets voted down. An in-house vote may have multiple people organising, monitoring and running the vote. Your workforce must stop working to go to a location to cast their vote, whereas with online voting it is conducted at any time quickly an easily via their own devices most likely in their own time away from internal influences.

Anonymous – If voting online, the votes that are cast are anonymous. A show of hands vote is simple but can be influenced or use of intimidation may sway your voters. Other online survey tools may not be purely anonymous.

Take care in choosing a voting provider as it is not always just about cost but the service and level of customisation they can supply as well.

Vero Voting offers a fully customisable voting service built in-house Australian built technology platform offering a premier voting service that is secure, compliant and trusted.  Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your voting requirements.

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