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How To Choose An Online AGM Voting Provider

October 12, 2020


All of the business meetings and events are changing fast during this pandemic. While social distancing is in place, business managers are adapting to technology on how to conduct events such as conferences, workshops, and meetings online.

Meeting managers that have digital literacy to apps and software solutions such as online meeting platforms can help their companies stay afloat or do even better.

Here’s the list of requirements to look for your online AGM meeting and voting provider:

  • A platform ready for webcasting AGMs
  • Send invitations to members only and has a registration exclusive for attending members
  • Provide notices of motions and Proxies
  • Accommodate collection of proxy votes
  • Record the online event for documentation
  • Provide the right tech support
  • Have a system for questions and comments, voting and reporting options during the AGM
  • Has a management software for switching on/off voting and filtering Q&As
  • Get voting results instantly
  • Can host Live meeting based on the company agenda
  • Vote reports generated real-time and reported to the Chair/Facilitator
  • Proven to be tested and secured

Planning to conduct an AGM? Send us an email and we will give you a run-through.
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