Is Show Of Hands Worth The Risk?

April 12, 2019
Is Show Of Hands Worth The Risk

On the surface, a show of hands is an easy way to vote. All eligible voters assemble into a room, they are asked the question, count the hands and close the vote.

Simple? Not quite.

What if:

  • All people eligible voters can’t make it on the day; how do they vote?
  • You have multiple remote sites that all need to vote, you will need to travel to each site or bring them to a specific location at a specific time.
  • You don’t have enough human resources personnel to attend at one or all the sites to run the vote at the designated time.
  • Split Rosters, Shift Work, Casual Employees all make it difficult to hold it at a specific time
  • Voters feel obliged to vote a certain way because of the general feeling in the room.

These are just a few of the many other potential complications that may occur which ultimately puts the whole process at risk and because you have to nominate in advance how and when you intend to run the vote, you can’t easily change a time, venue or voting method if somebody can’t make it.

Online voting on Enterprise Agreements will reduce your risk

With some enterprise agreements taking up to a year to write, negotiate and ultimately vote, you don’t want to get to the final hurdle and stumble because logistically or economically it appears more viable.

Electronic Voting ticks all the boxes. From the ease of setup, independent third party (separate from Union, employee and employer), anonymity, great communication, security, the speed of results and overall peace of mind that an experienced voting provider like Vero Voting is handling the process and delivering you a simple and streamlined balloting process.

Opportunity for all to vote

A requirement by the Fair Work’s is to ensure everybody who is eligible is given an opportunity to vote. Vero Voting has 3 primary voting methods, Online, SMS and Phone voting channels which are specifically designed to accommodate every possible scenario for voting from anywhere and at any time.

How is Online, SMS and Phone voting best utilised
  • Online Voting is used as Vero Voting’s primary voting channel and essentially is the virtual ballot box. As long as you have an internet connection you will be able to use this method of voting. If you access the voting screen via your mobile or tablet device the voting question and button perfectly fit onto the screen of your device and can be accessed for voting from anywhere in the world.
  • SMS voting is highly secure, simple and extremely quick. Using the security and biometrics functions on the mobile device an SMS is sent to the voters’ mobile number from which they simply reply with a YES or a NO. This has been known to work out on Oil rigs or non-internet areas as long as the voter can receive an SMS they will be able to cast their vote. SMS is a perfect voting method for a distributed workforce.
  • Phone Voting is where the voter dials a phone number and listens to a voice recorded prompts, i.e. Press 1 for “Yes”, 2 for “No”. Once they enter their unique user name and PIN to identify them, it then asks the voter the appropriate voting question. This is very easy and is great for the older demographic of employees or those who are not technologically savvy. As long as you have a phone connection, Mobile or Landline, you will be able to cast a vote.

We’ve also written about how the voting process works for you to explore. Vero Voting is a highly-experienced voting provider specialising in enterprise agreements and board elections. Contact us today for a free appraisal.

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