How to Conduct Club Elections

March 30, 2022

How to Conduct Club Elections

Social clubs are run and built through genuine member participation. The democratic process is an integral part of keeping things running, from forming the leadership team to deciding on the internal bylaws. Club elections are held to choose which individuals are best suited to the leadership roles and can effectively represent the members’ interests.

Reaching a quorum

As with any other club business to be conducted, the club election requires a quorum before it can proceed. A quorum, a certain number of club members as defined in the organisation constitution, is needed for an election to be held and its results to be deemed valid. The participating members must be all in good standing.

Notifying the members

The members should be sufficiently informed of the upcoming elections. This includes providing them the pertinent details such as the time and date when it will take place, how to contact the nomination committee, which positions are open for nominations and the list of candidates already approved for nomination.

Nominating candidates

Submission of nominees should be done a few weeks before the election. Members, provided that they are in good standing, shall have the right to nominate themselves or to nominate other members.

The electoral procedure

Ensuring and optimising member participation for an important club election can be a time-consuming affair, especially as each member has their own schedules to consider. As such, voter turnout may be less than ideal, and the results of the experience may prove unsatisfactory.

Fortunately, with the use of new digital technologies you can hold an online election for your club in a simplified and streamlined manner. Through online voting, you can give the members plenty of options for casting their votes, ensuring they have a way to submit their ballots wherever they are.

There are various election methods that you can consider for a successful virtual election. When choosing which one suits your club’s requirements, take into account factors such as the number of voters and candidates, the protection of members’ privacy as well as the real-time management and tabulation of results.

Ensure that the members have been briefed about how the online voting procedure will be done. You can run through the election guidelines and remind the members of the steps. Educating the members about the process helps in making their voting experience as smooth and easy as possible.

The results of the elections are usually confirmed and announced in a general meeting.

What to keep in mind for club elections

Whichever the position that needs filling is, it’s best to plan out the election carefully to ensure a smooth transition. If possible, schedule the club elections in such a way that the leadership team won’t be losing too many of its members at once.

To avoid gaps and disruptions in the day-to-day operations, have a clear handover process for each position. Make sure each newly elected officer knows what exactly the responsibilities are and that they can receive some guidance from the previous holders while settling in the roles.

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